Gardner, Hall


Hall Gardner is professor and chair of the Department of International Affairs and Politics at the American University of Paris. He completed both his M.A. (1982) and PhD. (1987) at the Johns Hopkins Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). He taught at the Johns Hopkins-SAIS-Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies (1988-89) and at Johns Hopkins SAIS-Washington (1989-90) before coming to the American University of Paris in 1990.


For the past decade he has been writing and working on NATO-related and transatlantic security issues as a member of the Committee on Atlantic Studies. He is on the Advisory Board of the Cicero Foundation (Paris/ Maastricht), which holds conferences on NATO and EU-related issues. His publications include, Dangerous Crossroads: Europe, Russia and the Future of NATO (Westport, CT: Praeger, 1997); Surviving the Millennium: American Global Strategy, the Collapse of the Soviet Empire, and the Question of Peace (Westport, CT: Praeger, 1994). He is editor of, and contributor to, NATO and the European Union: New World, New Europe, New Threats (Ashgate, 2004); The New Transatlantic Agenda: Facing the Challenges of Global Governance (London: Ashgate, September 2001); and Central and Southeastern Europe in Transition: Perspectives on Success and Failure (Westport, CT: Praeger, 2000)


He spoke at the NATO 50th Anniversary Academic Conference held in Brussels and Bonn in May 1999 and at the Atlantic Council conference held in Slovenia in October 2001. He organized (and spoke at) the conference NATO and the European Union: New World, New Europe, New Threats held at the French Senate in December 2001. He was invited to speak on the topic “Transcending the New Global Disequilibrium” by Mikhail Gorbachev at the World Political Forum (founded by Mikhail Gorbachev, Bill Clinton and the former president of Brazil, Fernando Henrique Cardoso) held in Torino Italy, in October 2003. Excerpts from his speech appear in The World Political Forum Agenda 2003. He organized the Second Annual Presidential Conference of the American University of Paris, held at UNESCO, May 26, 2004, and spoke on the topic, “From the Egyptian Crisis of 1882 to Iraq of 2003: Alliance Ramification of the British and American Bids for World Hegemony.”


His publications include “NATO Enlargement and Geostrategic History: Alliances and the Question of War and Peace,” which appeared in NATO for a New Century, edited by Carl Hodge (Praeger, 2002); "NATO and the UN" published in A History of NATO, ed. Gustav Schmidt (Palgrave, 2001) and “Aligning for the Future” Harvard International Review (Winter 2003).


He is also an internationally published poet. Many of his poems have been published in numerous small press publications, such as the Peace or Perish Crisis Anthology.




Dr. Fee-Alexandra HAASE:  The editor of AA has had to accede to Dr. Haase’s expressed wish to be excluded from the contributors’ column.


Readers may therefore, if they wish, consult internet sources for information on her academic background.




                       née CHATTOPADHYAY


c/o Dr. Dipanjan Mitra, NCRA, TIFR,

Pune University Campus, Pune – 411 007.


Phone: 020 - 2582- 3206, Mobile: 098509-07664

Mail to:


Personal Profile


Date of Birth : 30/06/1974

Marital Status : Married

Nationality : Indian

Husband’s Name : Dr. Dipanjan Mitra




B.Sc. (Hons.)

               Physics Honours from Calcutta University


MSW (Specialization in Mental Health and Counselling)


Master in Social Work from Vidyasagar University, Kolkata


(Dissertation topic: “Psychosocial factors leading to

maladjustment in Adolescents and Young Adults”).





Diploma in Computer Application, NIIT, Kolkata






Back Office Executive cum Liaison Officer

EDP Handling, Report Generation

Liaison with existing doctors and clients.

Responsible for office administration

Coordinating activities of different departments

Monitoring activities of marketing executives

Arranging medical seminars, conference, presentation etc.

September 1997 to July 2000.



Co-ordinator and counselor

. EDP Handling, Report Generation, Writing Project Proposals

. Liaison with existing community resources, doctors and clients.

. Responsible for office administration and PR jobs.

. Arranging medical seminars, workshops, events and presentations.

. Interactive role in therapeutic intervention of Clients which include

taking client’s psychosocial history, diagnosis and determination of

treatment procedure including therapy and counseling.

. Marital counseling, family counseling, attending in-patient clients,

home visits, follow up, career counseling as part of rehabilitation


.Assessment of learning disabilities in children and organize learning

program for those children and took active participation in it.

. Organized and participated in stress related workshops for both

adolescents and adults.

. Geriatric counseling is another important profile of my job


May 2001 to August 2003

CINI – ASHA Urban Unit of Child In Need Institution


Co-ordinator cum Counselor (Program Associate)

 Regular interaction with field supervisors and field level worker

 Monitoring activities of field workers to ensure project activities

are completed in time and evaluation of achieved targets

 Visits to clinics and fields to interact and understand the

requirements of the community

 Reporting, communication and co-ordination with various



Arrangement and participate in various training programs,

workshops and sensitization and awareness camps.

 Reporting, meeting and regular contact with donor agency.

 Other organizational activities as assigned to me from time to

time e.g. liaison with various stakeholders like Child welfare

committee, police stations etc.

 Writing project proposal, documentation, concept paper etc.

 Handling project individually, responsible for two shelter homes..

September 2003 to November 2004


SPAN, During MSW - field training

Six Months twice a week

 Worked as a field-level worker and done a socio-economic

survey in a remote village in Barasat district of north 24

parganas, West Bengal.

 Worked as a field level worker in an urban slum of Kamarhati,

Kolkata in a project on education, health and sanitation where I

had direct interaction with community, monitor the activities

and sensitize and educate community and its influencer.


NIOH , During MSW - field training

Six Months twice a week

9 I worked in National Institute for the Orthopaedically

Handicapped (NIOH) under ministry of S.J & E, Govt. of India.

There I worked as both a community based rehabilitative worker

and a counselor. I participated in community based

immunization program, different outreach and mobile health

camps organized by NIOH and Govt. of India (both on campus

and community based), worked as a rehabilitative counselor in

the out patient department of NIOH and worked with different

types of orthopaedically handicapped patients and their family

for their socio-economic rehabilitation, vocational rehab, social

rehab, placement and employment guidance, referral etc. I also

worked with the indoor patients. My responsibility also included

filling up of Disability assessment forms after an interview

session with the patients and their family in the out patient

department and made weekly, bimonthly and monthly reports

from those forms to reports to the higher authority for their

analysis as per their requirement.


Sukanya Home for Juvenile Girls, During MSW - field training

Six Months once a week

Here I worked as a counselor. This Govt. Home made for non-delinquent

juvenile girls. There I did liaisoning work with the Home and

the missing person squad of Kolkata in collaboration with other NGOs

working in the field of juvenile girls and child prostitution for their

rescue and rehabilitation. This responsibility also included home visits;

interview session with the rescued girls brought here both by policemen

and social worker, helping in Juvenile Board’s work etc. Other than this

liaisoning work with the various department of the Home like with

school unit, vocational unit, health unit etc.



.Special Qualities


. Team building skills, analytical strength, good negotiation skill,

sound communication skills, result oriented with interpersonal skill

and enjoy working in a team & capacity in maintaining quality





. Bengali

. English

. Hindi

. French




Freelance Photography

Writing Articles

Yoga and athletics


HOBBIES . Listening to Music, Reading Books, Travelling, Trekking,




Social Projects for various organizations like NIOH, UNICEF etc.

Health Awareness Campaign for Slum Dwellers and Rural people.



Place: Dated:


1. Dr. Rajaram Nityananda, Director - NCRA

National Centre For Radio Astrophysics

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,

Pune University Campus, Pune - 700 007.

Phone: 020 – 2569 – 7107.


2. Dr. Yashwant Gupta, Professor - NCRA

National Centre For Radio Astrophysics

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,

Pune University Campus, Pune - 700 007.

Phone: 020 – 2569 – 7107.



(Anindita Chattopadhyay Mitra)


S I G N A T U R E.











A.        General Information                          


            a)  Name                                             :   Prof. Y. YAGAMA  REDDY                                      

            b)  Official Address                             :   Centre for Studies on Indochina &

                              South Pacific (CSIC & SP)                                                                                                

                          Sri Venkateswara University                                                           

                          TIRUPATI – 517 502, India                                                            

                          Ph: 0877 - 2248467            - 2249666 Ext.319


                           Fax     : 0877 – 2248499, 2249611


            c)  Residential Address                        :   Flat  No.2, Sri Sai Sudarsana Apartments                                                                              (Block-I), Amaravati Nagar

                           TIRUPATI, (A.P.) – 517 502, India                                                    Ph: 0877 – 2240260


            d)  Date of Birth                                  :   01-06-1952            


            e)  Qualifications                                  :   M.A., Ph.D.                                                                                                                          Diplomas in Statistics & German     


B. Experience:    Associated with Area Studies Programme (at CSIC & SP)                                                                                                        

            a)  Teaching Experience                       :   22 Years


                        *   Subjects Taught                : i) Regional Geography and Geopolitics of  
                                                                                 Southeast  Asia &   South  Pacific

                                                     :  ii)  Modern European History                                                                            :  iii) Research Methodology in Area Studies

                                                     :  iv)  India-Australia Relations


            b)  Research Experience                      :  27 Years                                                                                                    

*    Area of Specialization                       :   Economic  and  Demographic  aspects  of   the

Indochina States; Economic, Geopolitical and Security issues in the India-Australia Relations with multidisciplinary approach

*    Research Guidance (to)         :   M.Phil. and Ph.D. scholars in CSIC & SP


c)  Research Publications                     :  5 Books (on Southeast Asia &   South Pacific)

                                                     :  17 Papers    (              - do -              )

                                                                       :   6 Papers     (on Environmental  Issues)                                                                                                    

            d)  Papers Presented at Seminars        : 16 Papers  (on Southeast Asia & South Pacific )                                                                         :    6 Papers (on Environmental Issues)


* Participated as Expert Observer:  2 Seminars/ Conferences                              


C. Participation in the Corporate Life   

            :  i) Public Relations Officer, S.V. University 3 Years  (1992 –94)      


              ii)  Member of the Governing Body of Colleges 
                                                                               affiliated to 
S.V. University


             iii)  Member of Board of Studies in CSIC & SP 



            iv)Chairman, Board of Studies in CSIC & SP                   
                                                                                (since 2001)


D. Nomination:

      i) by UGC (as)  Member of the UGC  Standing Advisory                
                                                                                 Committee on Area Studies Programme


      ii) by University of Madras                     : (as)  Member of Board of Studies in South and
                                                                                 Southeast Asian Studies


E. Association with Professional Bodies    :  Life Membership in

        i) Indian Association for the Study of
Australia (IASA)

                                                                               ii)  Indian Association for American Studies

                                                                               iii) Indian Congress for Asia and Pacific
                                                                                     Studies (ICAPS)

                                                                              iv) International Association of  Asian and
                                                                                     European  Studies (IAAES)

                                                                              v)  South Indian American Studies Network


                                                                             vi)  Member of Indian Association for Asian                                                                                  and Pacific Studies (IAAPS)  


F. Other Relevant Information                              

                                               : i)  Paper Setting and Valuation for National                                                                        Level Exams and other University Exams

                                                 ii)  Evaluation of M.Phil/ Ph.D. theses

                                               : iii) Resource Person at the Refresher Course                                                                      in Southeast Asian Studies      

                                               : iv) Revision of Syllabus for P.G. Course on                                                                        Southeast Asian and Pacific Studies and                  
                                                                                 Research Methodology in Area Studies






         Relating to Southeast Asia & South Pacific


A) Books


1        Cambodia: Its People and Economy, (Tirupati, 1995).


2.   Area Studies: The Proposition, Prospects and Problems, (Tirupati, 1998).


3.  Vietnam: Economic Targets and Environmental Consequences, (Tirupati, 1999).


      4.  Socialist Republic of Vietnam: Economic Measures, 1976-1985, (Tirupati, 1999).


      5.  Socialist Republic of Vietnam Economic Measures, 1986-1995: Doi Moi - A            

Process of Economic Renovation,  (Tirupati, 1999).

Trends in India - Australia Relations Since 1947 (in Progress).





 B) Papers (on Southeast Asia)


1     “Depletion of Human Resources in Indochina – An Analysis”, Indochina Review, Vol.I, No.1, 1986, pp.40-53. (Part - I) & Vol.1, Nos.3&4, 1986, pp.29-41. (Part – II).


2     “Socialist Transformation of Agriculture in Vietnam,  Indochina Review, Vol.I,   No.2, 1986, pp.1-30.


3      “Consequences of the Land Development Programme in Vietnam”, Indochina Review, Vol.II, No.3, 1987, pp.41-53. (Part – I) & Vol.II, No.4, 1987, pp.28-37. (Part– II)


4      Vietnam’s Policy of Farming Land Expansion – An Environmental Disaster”, Asian Environment (The Philippines), Vol.10, No.4, 1988, pp.26-35.


5     “Why Vietnam Agriculture withers?”,  Indochina Review, Vol.III, No.1 & 2, 1988, pp.1-16.


6     Vietnam’s Agricultural Development: An Enigma”, (pp.119-131),  in The States of Indochina: Stability, Development and Foreign Relations, (Tirupati, 1997).


7     “Would Cambodia ever Regain its Status as Rice Exporter”,( pp.87-103),   in The States of Indochina: Stability, Development and Foreign Relations, (Tirupati, 1997).


8     “Need for Developing a New Outlook at Greater India Concept”,(pp.12-29), in The Saga of Indian Culture in Southeast Asia: Retrospect and Prospect, (Tirupati, 1998).


9     India’s Relations with Southeast Asia: Need for Adopting a New Approach”, in
 India’s Relations with Southeast Asia: Problems and Prospects”, (Tirupati, 1999).

       10. “A Glimpse of Vietnam's Forest Wealth and Medicinal Plants-Based Traditional
Journal of Human Ecology, Vol.15, No.1, 2004, pp-1-7.


       11. “Geographical Causation in Southeast Asian History,” Journal of Contemporary    
        Asia and Europe
,  Vol.1, No.2, July-December 2004, pp.81-97.


C) Papers (on Australia)

1. “Innovative Strategies and Impediments in India-Australia Bilateral Trade,” Journal
   of Indian Ocean Studies
, Vol.10, No.2, August 2002, pp.188-204.


2. “Australia’s Aid to India under Colombo Plan: Rhetoric and Reality,” Indian Ocean
, Vol.17, No.2, July-December 2002.


3. “India-Australia: Perspectives on Security and Cooperation,” in P.V. Rao (ed.), India   
   and Australia
, (Mittal Publications,
New Delhi, 2003), pp.105-128.


4. “India-Australia Relations: Opportunities and Challenges,” in Satosh K. Sareen,  
         Sheel Nuna and Malati Mathur (eds.) Cultural Interfaces, (Indialog
New Delhi, 2004), pp.214-226.


5. India and Australia: Post-Cold War Initiatives for Enhanced Bilateral Trade”, iesin  Indian                
           in Indian Association for Asian & Pacific Studies (ed.),
Proceedings of the First

          Biennial Conference of IAAPS  (Progressive Publishers: Kolkata,  2004), pp. 472-483.


6.   “Trading Prospects in Indo-Pacific Realm in the Context of Look East and Look
          West Strategies,” in K. Raja Reddy (ed.), India and ASEAN: Foreign Policy
         Dimensions for  the 21st Century
, (New Century Publications, New Delhi,
         2005), pp.216-244.







D) Papers (on Environmental Issues)


1.      “Use of Plants as Medicines in the nearby Villages of Tirupati”, (pp.88-120), in    Plant Wealth of Tirumala, (A Special publication of T.T. Devasthanams), (Tirupati, 1981).


2.      “Noise Levels in Different Functional Zones of Tirupati”, Asian Environment (Philippines), Vol.9, No.4, 1987, pp.16-19.


3.      “Levels of Air Pollution in the Indian Cities”, Environment & Ecology, Vol. 6, No.4, 1988, pp.933-937.


4.      “Deforestation and its Consequences:  A Formidable Situation in India”, Environment & Ecology, Vol.7, No.3, 1989, pp.192-196.


5.      Phytogeography of the Sriharikota Island in Andhra Pradesh” (pp.235-249), in Proceedings of All India Symposium on the Biology and Utility of Wild Plants, South Gujarat University, (Surat, 1989).


6.      “Water Hyacinth in Kolleru Lake: A Bane or Boon”, Man and Life, 17 (3&4), 1991,     pp.133-140.








Name of the Seminars/ Conferences/ Symposia/ Workshops, etc

Name of the Sponsoring Agency


       Place and Date

No.  of Papers Presented

























































































































A. Papers Relating to Southeast Asia & South Pacific


Seventh Annual Conference of IIG


National Seminar on “The States of Indochina: Stability, Development and Foreign Relations


National Seminar on Science-Society-Spirituality


XXI Indian Social Science Congress



National Seminar on India’s   Relations with Southeast Asia: Problems and Prospects


Symposium on Ethnomedicinal Plants, Biodiversity and Conservation


National Conference of the Directors of Area Studies Centres in India


National Seminar on Regional Development and Spatial Information Technologies


International Seminar on India-ASEAN Post-Summit Perspectives


National Seminar on Socio-
Linguistic Study of the Place Names and the Personals   Names


Relating to AUSTRALIA


International Conference on the Understanding of Australia



International seminar on

India-Australia: New




First Biennial Conference

organized by the Indian

Association For Asian &

Pacific Studies (IAAPS)


International Seminar on India’s Look East Policy: Forging New Partnerships



IASA International Conference on Australia-Identity, Representation and Belonging


2nd Biennial Conference of

Indian Association for Asia and Pacific Studies



B. Papers Relating to Environmental Issues 


Second Annual Conference




Symposium on Environmental Quality and Conservation


International Seminar on Geobotany & Biogeochemi- stry in Exploration for Ground Water and Mineral Resources




Sixth Annual Meet of IIG



Population Education



All India Symposium on Biology and Utility of Wild Plants


Expert Observer


Indo-Nepal Sanskrit

Conference on the Relevance

 of Sanskrit in  the Contemporary World






 National Seminar on      Sanskrit  Vis-à-Vis Science





Institute of Indian Geographers










Social Science Society of India








Visvodaya Education Service Society







Dept. of Geography, Osmania University





Southern Regional Language Centre, Mysore




Indian Association for the Study of Australia


Centre for Indian Ocean Studies, (CIOS), UGC, SIOS












Indian Association for the Study of Australia










National Associa- tion of Geogra-

phers of India


Dept. of Environment and S.V. University










Institute of Indian Geographers


Population Society of India








Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeta (RSVP), Tirupati,  and Mahendara Sanskrit University, Dang (Nepal)


MHRD, Govt., of India






University of Poona

 7-9 February 1986


Centre for Studies on Indochina,

S.V. University,

1-3 February 1993


S.V. University

20-22 March 1997


Tamil University, Tanjavur, 1-6 December 1997


Centre for Studies on Indochina & South Pacific, S.V. University,

22-23 March 1999



29 October 2000




CIOS, Osmania University, Hyderabad 28-29 November 2002


Hyderabad, 25-26 March 2003




Osmania University, Hyderabad, 3-5 July 2003


S.V. University, Tirupati

September 2004






University of Madras, Chennai 9-11 January 2002



Osmania University, Hyderabad

20-21 February 2002



1-3 March 2002




Centre for Studies on Indochina & South Pacific, S.V. University,

15-17 October 2003


New Delhi

15-17 January 2004




Sambalpur, University, Orissa, January 2004







S.V. University

9-12 January 1981



S.V. University

27 June 1982



S.V. University

27-30 November 1984







S.V. University

10-12 January 1985


S.V. University

25-26 October 1987


South Gujarat University, Surat

14-16 March 1987




RSVP, Tirupati

December 2000






RSVP, Tirupati

September 2001


















































































































            Y. Yagama Reddy (born in 1952) has been a faculty member since 1985 at the Centre for Studies on Indochina and South Pacific, a UGC sponsored Area Studies Centre established in 1976 at Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati.  Besides associating himself with the teaching programme on regional geography and geopolitics of Southeast Asia and South Pacific, he is involved in multidisciplinary research encompassing strategic, security, economic and demographic aspects of Southeast Asia and South Pacific.  He has to his credit five books and twenty three papers published in national and international journals. He has also presented twenty two research papers at various national and international conferences/seminars.

 Prof. Reddy is the Chairman of the Board of Studies in Southeast Asian and Pacific Studies at S.V. University and a member of Board of South and Southeast Asian Studies, University of Madras, Chennai as well as a member of the UGC Standing Advisory Committee on Area Studies Programme (New Delhi).  He is a Life Member of various professional bodies including the Indian Association for the Study of Australia, the Indian Congress for Asia and Pacific Studies, the Indian Association for American Studies, the South Indian American Studies Network, and International Association of Asian and European Studies as well as a Member of Indian Association for Asia and Pacific Studies.  In connection with his project, Trends in India – Australia Relations, Prof. Reddy visited some of the Australian Universities in November 2003.



S. Uthayakumar B. Sc. (Eng.), University of Colombo.

Mr. Uthayakumar qualified as a mechanical and electrical engineer at the University of Colombo in the seventies. Since graduation, he had been in charge of a power station near the capital, but owing to difficulties with the Sinhalese authorities, he had had to flee the country in the mid-eighties and subsequently found refuge in France where his qualifications – notwithstanding - could not procure for him a stable situation as a professional. In the late eighties, he returned to Sri Lanka and was active in the political life of the northern sector of the country. Again, other considerations caused him to be placed under “house arrest”, and he had had to renounce all forms of civic activity thereafter. He then took to studying Tamil literature, religion, archaeology, and philosophy at Jaffna University and has now emerged as a fully- fledged researcher on several aspects of Sri Lankan life and its past. His contribution in this volume on the “Symbolisation of Buddhism” constitutes two of the final chapters of his unfinished book on the same subject.  [Editor.]




T. Wignesan


        Born in Kuala Krai, Malaysia. Up to his twenty-first year grew up in Singapore, Port Swettenham, Klang, Sungei Rengam, Kuala Lumpur, Madras and Seremban; then in London, Heidelberg, West Berlin, Madrid and Paris. Served as Research Fellow with the French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), from 1973 to 1998. Lectured for the Commonwealth Institute, London, on South and Southeast Asia and taught courses in English, American, and Commonwealth literatures at the European Division of the University of Maryland and at the Sorbonne. At the moment, Professor of South Asian Area Studies, American Graduate School of International Relations & Diplomacy, Paris, France

       Was a journalist with the Malay Mail & Malayan Times (Kuala Lumpur), and the Straits Times Press Group of Singapore (London Correspondent).


        Education: He had four years of schooling at Batu Road School and the Victoria Institution in Kuala Lumpur. Inns of Court School of Law, London; Universities of Heidelberg and West Berlin (philosophy); Hispanic Studies in Madrid: Universidad Complutense de Madrid , and Instituto de la Cultura Hispanica, Madrid and at the Université de Paris-VIII (Maitrise d’Enseignement d’Espagnol); obtained his higher doctoral degree in aesthetics from the Université de Paris-I-Panthéon-Sorbonne (Doctorat d’Etat ès lettres et sciences humaines). Distinctions in both the master’s and doctoral degrees. Won the Extraordinary Prize in Hispanic Studies at Madrid University.

       Publications include: Tracks of a Tramp: A first collection of poems. (1961); Bunga Emas: An Anthology of Contemporary Malaysian Literature: 1930-63. Ed. (1964); Etude comparée des littératures nationales et/ou officielles de la Malaisie et de Singapour depuis 1940, 3 vols. (1988); Fire Readings: A Collection of Writings from the Shakespeare & Company Fire Benefit Readings, Co-ed. (1991); [For collections of poems, short-long stories, vignettes, essays, critiques, and novels, See: ] Special Millennium 2000 Issue of the Journal of the Institute of Asian Studies (Chennai, India: Institute of Asian Studies), March 2000: Guest Editor; Journal of Comparative Poietics/Revue de Poïétique Comparée (Founder editor:1989-). Contributed over a hundred articles and/or fictional pieces to a wide variety of popular and learned journals, and books, such as, The Journal of Commonwealth Literature (Leeds University), Asia:A Handbook (London), The Journal of the Institute of Asian Studies: Special 2000 Number-March 2000 (IAS, Chennai, India), Buddhism in Tamil Nadu (IAS, India), International Institute of Asian Studies Newsletter (Leiden), Journal of Asian Studies (USA), Komparatistische Hefte (Bayreuth University), Yearbook of ASNLE (Essen University), Journal of Eelam Studies (London), Lanka: Studies in Lankan Culture (Uppsala University), Radical Poetics (London), Forum Academicum (Heidelberg University), Discus (Frankfurt University), Fire Readings (Paris-Boston), The Gombak Review (IIUM University, Kuala Lumpur), Malayan Times(Kuala Lumpur), Le Canard Laqué (Institute of Political Science, Paris), (Victoria Institution literary archives), Editor of the on-line journal: The Asianists’ Asia and so forth. Check the Bibliothèque Nationale de France for other works.

See  for Collections of poems, articles, short stories, vignettes, novels, etc.

         Editorial board member of Le Canard Laqué ( Association Asie-Extrême, Institute of Political Science, Paris: 1989-91); editorial advisor and guest editor of the Journal of the Institute of Asian Studies (Chennai, India: 1998- ), and Guidepost (Spain: 1967).       

        Association memberships: American Comparative Literature Association (1992>); (American) Association for Asian Studies (1991>); American Society for Aesthetics (2003).

        (Formerly)Royal Asiatic Society for Great Britain & Ireland (1964>); Koninklijk Instituut Voor Taal-, Land-en Volkenkunde, Netherlands (1975>); European Association for Commonwealth Language and Literature Studies (1989>); Association for the Study of New Literatures in English, Germany (1991>); Center for Asian Studies-Asian Research Service, Hong Kong-Canada (1991>)


        Founder-Director: Research Centre for Comparative Poietics, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France (1988-1994);  Research Centre for Asian Studies, Paris, France (2000>).

        Languages: Tamil (mother tongue), Malay, English, Spanish, German, French, and some Chinese.

        A Stateless Person since 1969 (his only passport was confiscated by the British Embassy in Madrid in November 1967). Cf. Marquis’ Who’s Who in the World (1989-2005); Who’s Who in EACLALS (European Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies) 1995; The Concise Cambridge History of English Literature, 1970, and CD ROM Best-Europe.


Edited, Composed & Published in Paris, France


           By T. Wignesan

                      for Centre de Recherches sur les Etudes Asiatiques,

                             B. P. 90145,

                             94004 Créteil Cedex,



         On April 5, 2005


         © T. Wignesan 2005


         ISSN 1298-0358

         Association n° 0941011951



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